The Size of the Planning and the Size of the Problem

May 27th, 2014 by The Milestone Planner

Lessons in how to plan effectively (and that includes planning appropriately!) come from all sorts of different places. For example, be like goldilocks – don’t plan too little, and don’t plan too much. Spend enough time to get the detail to surface the issues, but not so much that the detail is solely based on assumptions that haven’t been tested, or assumptions that will change long before. For example, spending 45 days to plan a Tweet might be slightly over the top. Thank you to Dennis Howlett and James Whatley for bringing this one to our attention:

We Got A Look Inside The 45-Day Planning Process That Goes Into Creating A Single Corporate Tweet

This crowded free-for-all for eyeballs is the driving factor for an entire industry of social media professionals, a group of internet-savvy, primarily young people charged with mastering media that are so new, most colleges don’t even offer courses on how to use them. But what these attention wranglers actually do all day remains something of a mystery to those who don’t work in the industry. After all, the allure of social media is that it’s open to anyone who wants to participate. How, then, does one differentiate between an expert and the more than 800 million amateurs who log into Facebook each day?

Firmly tongue in cheek, a la Onion. At least we hope it is, but in the world of corporate social media planning you can never be too sure! Enjoy the read – I hope the process doesn’t sound too familiar!

Update: Aaron Taube, the article author says that this isn’t actually a “genius piece of satire” but is a serious report.  Thank you Paul Sutton for the heads up!

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