Smashing Rocks into Pebbles

January 26th, 2015 by The Milestone Planner

RocksSome things appear impossibly hard, impossibly big. You look at them and say “how on earth can I possibly achieve that?” – and the most likely answer is that you can’t. At least not all in one go. Take a sledge hammer to that rock; grab a coffee (or a healthy glass of water :)) and break some pieces off. Are they steps on the way to that great achievement? Are there some different areas of work? Are there some specific people involved? For each of those steps, what is the specific next action that you (or one of those people) need to take? This is the essence of Milestone-based planning: Take the seemingly impossible, and break it down into steps, then break each of those steps down into actions. You don’t need to lift the big rock, you just need to chip off a pebble or two each day, and soon enough that rock will be dealt with.i

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