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Milestone Planner is available via the web, as a hosted solution, or for use on private intranets as a server application. There are options for individual users, small businesses and multinational corporations. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

milestone planner

standard edition

Everyone wants to give it a try, which is why we have guest edition. It’s great way to get started with Milestone Planner.

Whenever your subscription expires, we will provide you with a guest account, so you still have access to your plans – it’s your data!

milestone planner

professional edition

most popular
$9.00/mo(£5.75, €6.90) per person.

Discounts available for higher volumes.

Create as many other plans as you want!

  • Unlimited plans
  • Unlimited guest invites.
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Reporting
  • Search
  • Exports
  • Templates
  • RSS feeds and more.
milestone planner

business edition

Get a larger number of Professional Edition accounts for your team, organisation or business.

The Business Edition include yours company logo and branding, making it ideal for use with customers and partners, and providing a perfect extension to your service offering.

Includes all of the benefits of the Professional Edition, at an even more attractive price.

milestone planner

enterprise edition

Your very own edition of Milestone Planner hosted by us, or run on your own servers. Full support for branding, custom text and signin integration. Invite as many users as you need, and every account has full Professional features.

With the Hosted Edition we deal with the back ups, upgrades and servers, freeing you to get on with your business.

We will work with you to deliver a solution that meets your needs, including training, reporting, branding and customized features. Contact us via email or the contact page.