Project Roles and Permissions

    We aim to keep “who sees what” simple and transparent in Milestone Planner. The basic principles are:

    • Clarity of responsibility and ownership
    • Open and transparent by default

    Roles are controlled at a plan level, and are displayed on the people bar at the top of each project page, which lists the team members for the project. Each team member (or resource) can have one of four roles:

    • Owner – full access to everything in the plan, including the ability to delete the plan.
    • Full – can view and update everything within the plan, including adding team members.
    • View – can see everything in the plan, and update their own actions, milestones and workstreams/goals.
    • None – they can not view the plan, but they can see items assigned to them in their personal dashboard.

    We only allow one owner for each plan, to keep ownership and accountability clear. People supporting the owner should normally have full access, which we recommend for every member of the team, as that allows everyone to take part in keeping the plan accurate. Remember there is a full history of all changes, and ‘undo’ capability in the Professional Edition.

    Permissions cascade down through each plan. For example, if someone has view access to the plan, but is assigned as the owner of a workstream or milestone, then they have full access to everything within that workstream or milestone, so that they can effectively manage it.